The crisis has not been overcome, Vice-Speaker of the German Bundestag says

Karen Ghazaryan

The European crisis continues to worry people even in countries with strong economy. This is a serious challenge to Europe and we should think of tools to overcome it, Vice-Speaker of the German Bundestag Wolfgang Thierse said at a discussion in Yerevan titled “What the EU crisis means for Armenia’s European perspective.” The German official noted that there are dangers, and no one knows what will happen to the European economy if incorrect decisions are made today.

Describing the European crisis as a challenge to democratic politics, Thierse said there are structural mistakes, which resulted in the crisis. For instance, there is a common currency, but there is no common financial-economic policy, he noted.

According to the Vice-President of the German Bundestag, the crisis has not yet been overcome and steps and means are needed to overcome it. Wolfgang Thierse considers it is necessary for economic processes and political developments to comply with each other.

Armenian MP Artak Zakaryan, Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, referred to the European perspectives for Armenia’s future development. He specially emphasized the importance of the Association Agreement negotiated under the Eastern Partnership Program.

“The only path in the European integration process is the stable and lasting peace,” Artak Zakaryan said, stressing that in this regard he expects the European partners to adopt a clear stance on the bellicose statements of Azerbaijan, which is also included in the same process.

According to Boris Navasardyan, President of the Yerevan Press Club, our country has registered progress towards European integration. There are opportunities to use the existing European models, he said, adding that we often fail to fully apply those models in practice.

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