Bako Sahakyan chairs the first sitting of the NKR Government

On 27 September President of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic Bako Sahakyan chaired the first meeting of the newly formed NKR Government, Central Information Department of The Office of the NKR President.

Touching upon the work carried out by the former Cabinet, the President noted that overall it succeeded in realizing the outlined programs, which is clearly demonstrated by macroeconomic indices of the 2007-2012 socioeconomic development, as well by the progress reported in nearly all spheres of economy.

At the same time, the President noted the existence of unsolved and partially solved problems, drawbacks and omissions. According to the President, the new Government should make corresponding conclusions based on objective evaluation of the achievements and elaborate a program that will ensure a qualitatively new level of solving issues the society faces. The President underlined that in the coming five years a 9-11% annual economic growth should be secured adding that there are all the necessary conditions and possibilities to realize it in practice.

According to Bako Sahakyan, implementation of large-scale projects in agriculture, mining and energy spheres will ensure stable rates of economic growth.

In the process of securing progress in main sectors of economy the President put special emphasize on the development of science and education, prioritizing the preparation of young specialists.

Marked attention will be paid to the fields of social security, healthcare, tourism, culture and sports. According to the President, extensive activities will be carried out in this direction, which will give a qualitatively new impetus to the development of these important spheres.

The President considered powerful and efficient army the basis of all the achievements, adding that the state would keep doing its best to develop the armed forces.

Bako Sahakyan said he anticipates that he was anticipating honest and hard work on the part of the Cabinet members, compassionate attitude towards the problems the state and society faced. Any other attitude is unacceptable and inadmissible to the President as a human being and as the Head of the State. According to the President, even though the existing problems are difficult, they are quite solvable.

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