AGBU to provide assistance to Syrian Armenians living outside Yerevan

Alisa Gevorgyan

The Armenian communities of Aleppo, Damascus, Kamisli, Latakia and Homs have found themselves in a hard situation because of the ongoing military actions in Syria. Many were killed or injured in the conflict. Many of our compatriots have lost their homes and property as a result of the conflict. Syrian Armenians need our assistance today. The Armenian General Benevolent Union was the first to initiate a program of assistance to Syrian Armenians.

On August 3 the AGBU Central Board made the decision to set aside a $1 million emergency fund for humanitarian assistance to the Armenian community in Syria. Later the Board urged the Diaspora Armenians to lend a helping hand to our compatriots.

Many Armenians have responded to the call, Member of the AGBU Central Board Vazgen Yakubyan told reporters in Yerevan today. The AGBU charity centers organize the provision of humanitarian aid, providing food, medicines, water and other necessary things to thousands of families.

The Armenian community of Syria established even before the Armenian Genocide is one of our most powerful and organized communities. According to Vazgen Yakubyan, psychologically it’s very hard for our compatriots to leave everything earned in the course of many years and leave. Therefore, they leave only in case of extreme necessity.

According to Vazgen Yakubyan’s information, there are about 80-90 thousand Armenians in Syria. About 3,500 have moved to Armenia in the recent period. Taking into consideration that many Syrian Armenians are unable to pay for their shelter because of lack of jobs, the AGBU has expressed willingness to help those Syrian Armenians who live outside Yerevan.

The Union will also provide assistance to those Syrian Armenians who specialize in Armenian studies and face difficulties paying their tuition fee.


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