President Sargsyan participated it the re-opening of the renovated main premise of Matenadaran

President Serzh Sargsyan participated in the re-opening of the renovated main premise of the Mesrop Mashtots Scientific and Research Institute of Ancient Manuscripts – Matenadaran, which now has new exhibition halls and new expositions.

The President of Armenia toured the main premise of Matenadaran, which is being inaugurated exactly one year after the new research unit of Matenadaran was opened, familiarized with the conducted works, modern conditions created for the preservation of the manuscripts and printed heritage and observed expositions in the exhibition halls.

The President was informed that the main premise of Matenadaran will be serving as a museum compound, providing broad opportunities for the propagation of the Armenian and world historical and cultural treasures. Instead of one general exhibition hall, there will be fifteen new halls (Artsakh, Vaspurakan, Eastern Miniatures, Medieval Maps, Medicine, Ancient Books, Archive Documents, Donations, etc). The Virtual Matenadaran exhibition will start functioning for the first time, enhancing the understanding of the artifacts, dissemination of the information related to Matenadaran, Armenian writing centers and written culture, as well as implementation of various educational programs.

At the exhibitions, organized on the occasion of the opening, ceremony presented were the best samples of the manuscripts from the collections of Matenadaran, precious and unique archive documents, exceptional ancient books which reflect not only the Armenian cultural heritage but also spiritual, historical and political realities of other nations. According to the organizers, along with the main exhibition there also will be functioning temporary thematic expositions. It was underlined that the inauguration of the renovated main premise of Matenadaran completes the works of turning it into a compound for the preservation and propagation of the Armenian spiritual riches, a center for Armenian studies, and an edifice of cultural importance in line with the modern standards required of the leading scientific and museum institutions.

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