The film was a provocation against the Arab World

Lusine Vasilyan


Experts of Oriental Studies discussed today the processes taking place in the Arab World, the reaction aroused by the “Innocence of Muslims” film and its possible consequences. Expert of Arab Studies Sargis Grigoryan is confident that the film was aimed to further aggravate the situation in the Arab World. However, the expert is not certain about the provoker, saying many could benefit from the situation.

The experts do not doubt that the information spread by Armenian media on the entry of Talibs to the country was simple misinformation. Armen Petrosyan urges the Armenian National Security Service to do its best to reveal the source of information.

“There are at least two reasons: the dissemination of the information could have a serious psychological influence on a deadlocked country in conflict. Second, such information harms Armenia’s international standing,” he said.

As for the “Innocence of Muslims,” the film was a provocation targeted against the Arab World. “It was a provocation, since there was an Arab translation and it was actually meant for Arab audience. Besides, the image of Prophet Muhammad is presented in a way unacceptable to the Muslim World,” he said.

“The West should realize that this region is not the one it used to be before the Arab spring. Today most Muslims understand that they can influence the developments,” the expert added.

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