The Armenian community in Syria against every kind of cruelty and bloodshed

“As the bloodshed continues unabated in Syria, and as our communities try to cope with the tragic situation, unfortunately, what adds to our anguish are the unsuccessful attempts of presenting the Syrian Armenians as taking part in the armed battles of the current Syrian crisis or trying to actually drag them into such a crisis,” the Heads of the Syrian Armenian communities said in a statement.

“We reiterate today, that the peaceful co-existence that the Syrian Armenians have cultivated throughout the decades continues, and the Armenian community is characteristically and unequivocally against every kind of cruelty and bloodshed, and it will definitely stay against all kinds of violence and armed collisions,” the statement reads.

“The re-establishment of peace and reconciliation can only come through dialogue in Syria, and dialogue alone will ensure the peaceful co-existence of all communities, based upon the principles of tolerance, respect and love,” the Heads of the Syrian Armenian communities said.

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